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Interment search allows for a comprehensive search of individuals buried at our cemetery.

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If you are unsure of the name or spelling, it is best to enter as little information as possible to find the interment. Once you see the results, you can sharpen your search by entering more information. Remember, the more information you have in your search, the more limited your search will be.

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Last Name, First NameLocationSocietyDate of Burial
AGULAR, BELLA2-6-28-L08-119A A TRISK5/8/1946
AGULAR, ELI2-6-28-R01-244A A TRISK9/13/1953
AGULAR, JACK2-6-28-R02-228A A TRISK11/7/1999
AGULAR, LENA2-6-28-L01-239A A TRISK9/26/1947
AGULAR, MARY2-6-28-L01-238A A TRISK3/24/1969
AGULAR, MAX2-6-28-R02-229A A TRISK11/26/1971
ARBINDER, SARAH2-6-28-L08-117A A TRISK11/20/1945
AVRECH, SAMUEL2-6-28-R12-034A A TRISK9/6/1992
BECKERMAN, ELIAS2-6-28-R08-126A A TRISK4/15/1947
BECKERMAN, GERTRUDE2-6-28-L08-125A A TRISK5/21/1950
BEITCH, DORA2-6-28-L07-141A A TRISK12/27/1970
BEITCH, HYMAN2-6-28-R08-132A A TRISK12/21/1949
BERDAY, BERNARD2-6-28-R03-211A A TRISK2/18/1999
BERDAY, BERTHA2-6-28-L02-223A A TRISK12/18/1961
BOB, FEIVEL2-6-28-R13-015A A TRISK10/13/1965
BOB, IDA2-6-28-L07-137A A TRISK2/15/1952
BORDOWITZ, REBECCA2-6-28-L08-120A A TRISK4/7/1954
BOXER, ISAAC2-6-28-R08-129A A TRISK7/16/1948
BOXER, SARAH2-6-28-L07-136A A TRISK4/17/1951
BRENNER, NATHAN2-6-28-R04-198A A TRISK10/7/2013
BRONFELD, ALTER2-6-28-R01-248A A TRISK7/15/1951
COHEN, ELKA2-6-28-L08-123A A TRISK7/20/1948
COHEN, IDA2-6-28-L02-222A A TRISK9/8/1968
COHEN, ROSE2-6-28-L11-043A A TRISK6/15/1971
EISEN, LOUIS2-6-28-R13-018A A TRISK12/6/1959
ELRICH, JENNIE2-6-28-L08-121A A TRISK8/13/1946
FEFER, PAULINE2-6-28-L11-045A A TRISK10/27/1972
FELDMAN, ROSE2-6-28-L11-040A A TRISK4/28/1963
FINKELSTEIN, ANNA2-6-28-L11-037A A TRISK6/8/1943
FISCHLER, HERMAN2-6-28-R05-184A A TRISK4/16/1998
FISCHLER, NETTIE2-6-28-L06-154A A TRISK5/4/1994
FLUR, DORIS LUXENBERG2-6-28-L07-140A A TRISK1/3/1994
FRIEDMAN, LOUIS2-6-28-R07-149A A TRISK6/23/1955
FRISCHBERG, RUTH2-6-28-L08-122A A TRISK4/21/1948
FRISHBERG, BARNETT2-6-28-R08-133A A TRISK1/9/1951
GARBER, SARAH RIFKA2-6-28-L07-135A A TRISK7/31/1949
GERSHON, ESTHER2-6-28-L12-027A A TRISK6/23/1961
GERSHON, ISADORE2-6-28-R06-162A A TRISK10/2/1977
GOBER, ISAAC(GABBIN)2-6-28-R01-245A A TRISK6/10/1953
GOLDBERG, BEREL2-6-28-R01-247A A TRISK1/22/1953
GOLDBERG, ELLIOTT D.2-6-28-R06-160A A TRISK4/12/2013
GOLDBERG, ESTHER2-6-28-L06-159A A TRISK6/16/1967
GOLDBERG, SENDER(SAMUEL)2-6-28-R02-232A A TRISK6/22/1986
GOLDMAN, FANNIE2-6-28-L11-038A A TRISK11/20/1953
GRAYSON, RUTH BARBARA2-6-28-L06-158A A TRISK6/2/1997
GROSS, NATHAN2-6-28-R13-019A A TRISK10/22/1956
GROSS, YETTA2-6-28-L12-026A A TRISK2/24/1961
GROSSER, ANNA (HANNAH)2-6-28-L04-193A A TRISK5/25/1998
GROSSER, BERNARD2-6-28-R06-165A A TRISK3/23/1980
GROSSER, BERNARD2-6-28-R07-144A A TRISK11/28/1990
GROSSER, HYMAN2-6-28-R07-147A A TRISK10/14/1959
GROSSER, PAULA2-6-28-L04-192A A TRISK4/1/1976
GROSSER, RUBIN2-6-28-R08-130A A TRISK11/26/1948
GUENSBERG, EMIL2-6-28-R03-212A A TRISK4/14/1986
HERMAN, FANNIE2-6-28-L11-041A A TRISK9/4/1963
HERMAN, NATHAN2-6-28-R12-033A A TRISK1/2/1974
HOCHBERG, BENJAMIN2-6-28-R02-230A A TRISK9/28/2006
HOCHBERG, ROSE2-6-28-L05-176A A TRISK6/9/2006
HOLTZ, LEIB2-6-28-R01-246A A TRISK2/26/1953
HOLTZ, TINY (PINY)2-6-28-L12-028A A TRISK2/28/1963
KAREN, MORRIS2-6-28-R01-249A A TRISK9/25/1950
KATZ, DAVID2-6-28-R08-128A A TRISK6/18/1948
KATZ, YETTA2-6-28-L08-124A A TRISK4/17/1957
KIBEL, LENA2-6-28-L07-139A A TRISK5/18/1953
LEDWITH, PEARL2-6-28-L05-174A A TRISK1/31/2012
LEVENSON, FANNIE2-6-28-L06-155A A TRISK6/15/1994
LEVENSON, SAM2-6-28-R13-017A A TRISK5/1/1961
LORMER, REBECCA2-6-28-L08-018A A TRISK3/10/1946
LUXENBERG, ABRAHAM2-6-28-R07-150A A TRISK4/7/1952
LUXENBERG, ESTHER2-6-28-L06-157A A TRISK9/19/1974
LUXENBERG, MEYER2-6-28-R07-143A A TRISK11/6/1967
LUXENBERG, ROSE2-6-28-L11-039A A TRISK2/7/1954
MANDEL, ALLAN JUDAH2-6-28-L03-205A A TRISK12/26/2004
MANDEL, MINNIE2-6-28-L07-142A A TRISK4/4/1989
MANDEL, MORRIS2-6-28-R08-127A A TRISK2/24/1948
PALCHIPSKY, ANNA2-6-28-L13-010A A TRISK6/15/1969
PALCHIPSKY, SAMUEL2-6-28-R13-011A A TRISK12/29/1963
PEFFER, ETHEL2-6-28-L01-241A A TRISK11/8/1964
PENN, AARON2-6-28-L02-226A A TRISK2/9/1964
PENN, GOLDIE2-6-28-L02-227A A TRISK1/14/1945
PENN, GOLDIE2-6-28-L02-224A A TRISK11/25/1959
PENN, JOSEPH2-6-28-L02-225A A TRISK5/6/1951
PERLOWITZ, IRVING2-6-28-R09-116A A TRISK4/5/1938
PHEFFER, BEREL2-6-28-L01-242A A TRISK7/17/1958
REIFF, ZELIG2-6-28-R08-131A A TRISK5/16/1949
REINGEWIRTZ, SADIE2-6-28-L07-134A A TRISK12/9/1948
RICH, GOLDIE2-6-28-L12-020A A TRISK2/7/1954
ROIFER, ELKA2-6-28-L01-240A A TRISK3/30/1945
ROIFER, ISIDORE2-6-28-R01-243A A TRISK12/16/1954
ROIFER, ROSE2-6-28-L11-042A A TRISK6/11/1971
RUBIN, IRWIN2-6-28-R06-164A A TRISK4/19/1984
RUBIN, SELMA2-6-28-L04-185A A TRISK4/19/2013
RUBINSTEIN, ROSE R.2-6-28-L07-138A A TRISK4/8/1952
RUDA, JEROLD2-6-28-R06-167A A TRISK6/11/2007
RUDA, SAM2-6-28-R12-032A A TRISK11/10/1972
RUDA, SUSAN2-6-28-L04-189A A TRISK7/30/1995
RUDA, VICTOR2-6-28-R06-166A A TRISK10/15/1995
SALSTEIN, MEYER2-6-28-R07-146A A TRISK5/25/1969
SALSTEIN, PAULINE2-6-28-L11-044A A TRISK4/24/1972
SCHMACKLER, FANNIE2-6-28-L12-022A A TRISK7/22/1956
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